Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA)**

Knee injuries are not limited to humans – one of the most common knee problems in dogs is a torn Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL). While normally seen in middle-aged, overweight dogs (medium to large breeds), an injured CCL can occur in any dog at any age. Damage to the CCL results in a weakened knee and if left untreated can result in a complete rupture which in turn can cause complete knee instability and painful arthritis.

An injured CCL can only be corrected with surgery and Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) is the latest and viewed as probably the best option for repair, known for being the least invasive method as well as having a lower morbidity and post-surgical complication rate. Ask your veterinarian for more details!

Total Hip Replacement (THR)**

Pets may require a THR for numero us reasons (accidents, etc) and while THR is often recommended for dogs suffering from canine hip dysphasia, THR is not for all pets and many factors (history, radiology, etc) are weighed in determining if THR is the best treatment for your pet. Typical requirements for THR candidacy are:

  1. no other joint or bone problems are present
  2. no nerve disease
  3. no other medical illnesses
  4. must be skeletally mature

In addition, if your pet’s hip function is arthritic but otherwise not causing any pain or loss of function or activity, then they may not be a candidate for THR.


TTA & Total Hip Replacement were taught by KYON Pharma.
KYON Pharma is not affiliated , or recognized by AVMA or FDA and a KYON certification is not a Board certification.

Advanced Locking Plate System (ALPS)

One method of stabilizing and healing bone fractures (particularly femur fractures) is a locking plate system. Available for breeds of all sizes, the Kyon Advanced Locking Plate System provides several advantages:

  • Reduced damage to vascular supply
  • Increased resistance to infection
  • Accelerated healing

Ask your us for more details.

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