Claw Covers for Your Cat

Cats use their claws to climb, scratch, and defend themselves.  Some cats have been known to cause extensive damage around the home, ripping and scratching furniture and carpets which can be frustrating to homeowners. Providing scratching posts and toys helps keep them busy, but at times cat owners think that the only way to handle the situation is by declawing their cat. 

An Alternative to DeClawing

In the past there weren’t too many options now there are some simple alternatives that will keep your cat’s claws covered.   New to the market are  “Soft Paws” they come in 3 different sizes and multiple colors to have fun with.

Easy to Apply

They are simply glued on, and will fall off as your cat’s nails grow. Made of silicone and attached with a drop of non-toxic glue, they are not permanent and inexpensive. If you are concerned with placing them on yourself, you can contact the local SPCA, Petco to learn how to place them or watch this Youtube video for instructions.

You can purchase Soft Paws online, bring them in with your furry friend and we’ll be happy to give your cat a “manicure”. Soft Paws can be fitted to dogs as well.

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