February is Pet Dental Health Month

Do you brush your teeth daily and if you have children have taught them to do so as well. But what about your pet?  Are they receiving daily, weekly or monthly dental care? DOG-DENTURE-768×644 Yes you can provide your dog with dental chews that will provide minimal plaque removal, but a deep cleaning and exam […]

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Does Your Pet Have BAD Breath?

Bad Breath or halitosis could be more than just a sign that Rover ate something bad, it’s often a sign that your dog’s dental health is not what it should be. Why you need to brush your Dog’s Teeth… Dog and Cat Chews can do some of the work for you, but brushing your pet’s […]

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Recognizing Dental Problems in Pets

One of the most common pet diseases is silent and preventable. Seventy percent of cats and 80 percent of dogs three years of age and older are estimated to have oral disease. Whether your pet has gum disease or a broken tooth, it has consequences beyond his or her mouth. The bacteria housed in gums […]

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