Pet Behavior

July 4th Fireworks Can Terrify Your Pets

firworks-square Many pets exhibit signs of anxiety to loud noises like July 4th fireworks as well as thunder and lightning storms. Some dogs and cats scratch and whimper, some run uncontrollably and will want to bolt out of the house. It’s pretty much a panic attack and if you’ve ever experienced one, you’ll know that they […]

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Claw Covers for Your Cat

Myllissa-Oscar_the_tabby_cat_with_red_paws_nail_covers-01-e1464738352951 Cats use their claws to climb, scratch, and defend themselves.  Some cats have been known to cause extensive damage around the home, ripping and scratching furniture and carpets which can be frustrating to homeowners. Providing scratching posts and toys helps keep them busy, but at times cat owners think that the only way to […]

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Dog Talk: Basic Care

If you’ve ever watch the ” Survivor” TV series, you know there are just a few  basic needs to survive for everyone: food, water and shelter. But most individuals want more out of life than fulfilling their basic needs. Most of the time, that is one of the reasons we get a pet, to satisfy […]

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