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Dr. Hesham El-Akbawy

Dr. Hesham El-Akbawy received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1988 from Cairo University. He performed postgraduate studies in clinical pathology at the University of Berlin, where he received a scholarship for clinical studies. He also trained at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University.

Dr. El-Akbawy studied and received the (AO) Masters level of orthopedics and TPLO in San Diego, California. He studied at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine Department of Orthopedic Surgery and completed the AO Orthopedic training for plating and fracture repair at the University of Ohio. He pursued master’s level courses in dentistry training in Maryland and competently performs root canals, orthodontics and all oral surgical procedures. He is currently pursuing accreditation.

Dr. El-Akbawy is a member of the American Veterinary Dental Society and the AO Spine Neuro-surgical Society. He is certified by Kyon Surgical in Zurich, Switzerland for TTA (tibial tubrosity advancement for ACL repair) as we ll as THR (total hip replacement—cement less technique).


A Vet Technician who has had loving pets of all shapes and sizes throughout her life. Her dedication and teamwork shows every day, and the fact that she has been working at the Animal Hospital for 2 years!


After spending 7 years as an editor at an educational publishing company, Kerri decided it was time for a career change. Being a lover of animals, she decided to pursue a career working with animals on a daily basis. Since starting here in October 2013, Kerri continues to learn new things every day and enjoys being the first face our clients see when they walk through the door.


Our office manager, as well as technician, has been working with animals since 2008 and managing hospitals since 2011. After some time off spending time with her daughter, she missed being with the animals so much, that she came to join Animal Hospital of Fairfield in 2014.


Our Vet Technician has had 5 years experience working with animals at hospitals. She is currently going to school at Essex County to gain her degree in Science. Her genuine love for animals, shows in her work each day here at the Animal Hospital.


One of our Receptionists, she has had animals all of her life and just recently started working professionally with them. She is eager to continue learning further into the field, and extend this as a career path.


One of our Vet Technicians, as well as our Marketing Manager, has been working with animals for 15 years, and just recently entered into the world of medicine. She has a Bachelors degree from MSU, and also is an accredited trainer from ABC.

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